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The Story of Rainio Design brand


Welcome to the fascinating world of design!

Rainio Design derives from two kinds of design: 3D-printed design jewellery and art photography inspired by nature. In addition, in my shop in Turku you can find also Finnish ceramics inspired by nature,  high quality candles and all kinds of Finnish design for interior home decoration.


The slogan of Rainio Design ”3D-printing, you need it, we make it” presents the essential idea of Rainio Design: you have an idea and I have the knowledge to fulfill it by 3D-printing. It’s interesting how different ideas and designs can be made into reality in a whole new way by 3D-printing, using a variety of materials (for example wood and metals). And the best part of it is – it challenges me and my knowledge in a whole new way also.

Rainio Design is registered as a trademark in jewellery, and all the jewellery within the trademark are 3D-printed, using different kinds of materials: composite plastic, silver, bronze etc. We have a set of ready-made jewellery for example the Clan of Rainbow -set of earrings. In addition to that, we also design and manufacture unique jewellery by request based on an idea that you have.

Jewellery is my passion. It’s also a challenge: how to fulfill an idea, a thought and a feeling into a 3-dimensional form that includes the original idea and the vision. The fascinated expression on my customer’s face reveals that I have succeeded in fulfilling the original vision, and this is ver rewarding and keeps me going.

I have scoped and photographed different kinds of natural forms for a long time. My passion as a free photographer is to find alternative subjects. I’m fascinated by the visuality and aesthetics of nature, which I also want to bring into my design. In general, I want to scope and find more and more 3-dimensional forms of nature and capture them in my photographs and design.

Nature and the sea are very important for me. I want to capture and express their diversity and also give others the possibility to experience the beauty of the nature as I myself see and feel it.

I also want to give other free photographers the possibility to present their art and photography. That’s why there’s a ”free photography wall” in my shop, which you can rent in a reasonable price for example for a couple of weeks or a month to present your own photography. In addition to that, there’s also a photobooth, which is perfect for taking high quality photographs of different kinds of products for example for catalogues of portfolios.

My aspiration is to take photography to a whole new level – where nature’s own architecture is visualized as different kinds of products, patterns etc. At the moment Rainio Design’s product range consists of nature photographs (printed on paper/aluminium/glass), trays and magnets.

Based on all the above, Rainio Design is my dream come true to combine creativity and productization into a harmony.

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